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We welcome all organizations that meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the Best Places to Work in Insurance program.  To be eligible for consideration, companies must meet the following criteria:

• Be a for-profit or not-for-profit business

• Be a publicly or privately held business

• Have a facility in the United States

• Have a minimum of 25 employees working in the United States

• Must be in business a minimum of 1 year

• Must be one of the following 9 options within the insurance industry:


**Category 1 - AGENTS/BROKERS:

1) Retail Agents/Brokers: are companies that work directly with policyholders to place commercial lines insurance business and provide related services.
2) Wholesale Brokers/Managing General Agents: are companies that derive more than 50% of their premium volume from wholesale brokerage or companies that derive more than 50% of their premium volume from acting as a managing general agent, underwriting manager or Lloyd’s of London coverholder (authority to bind risks for Lloyd’s syndicates, similar to an MGA).
3) Reinsurance Brokers: are companies that work directly with ceding companies to place reinsurance and provide related services.

4) Claims Managers: are companies that handle commercial insurance claims for self-insured clients on a direct, unbundled basis; or companies that offer case management services directly to members of employer-sponsored group plans.
5) Benefits Brokers & Consultants: are companies that engage in group health plan consulting, design, administration or procurement.

**Category 2 - INSURERS:

6) Property/Casualty Insurers: are companies that underwrite commercial lines property/casualty insurance on an admitted or non-admitted basis.
7) Group Life/Health Insurers: are companies that underwrite group health insurance, managed care companies and companies that underwrite group life insurance.

8) Reinsurers: are companies that assume all or a portion of the risk and premium taken by an insurer. Reinsurers effectively insure insurance companies.


9) Nonprofit Insurance Association or Service Organization: organizations that are aligned with the commercial insurance industry, including employee benefits. Organizations in this category are either supported by the companies identified in other categories, or activities are closely aligned with commercial insurance.

How to enter your organization

All organizations will participate in one of three ways:

1. As an individual organization possessing one Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

2. As the parent/holding company of multiple organizations with one FEIN for all subsidiaries. The parent/holding company must register with all eligible employees working for that parent/holding company.

3. Subsidiaries of a parent/holding organization may register separately if each subsidiary organization possesses a separate FEIN. If the organization has multiple facilities, branches, factories, offices or stores, all locations must be included in the survey if they operate under the same FEIN.

Which employees to include

Include all current, full- and part-time United States employees in the survey process, from the CEO, partners, all the way to line-level employees, including remote employees. Remote employees are defined as employees that work from home or on the road who directly report to a supervisor in the United States.

Exclude all temporary, seasonal or per diem employees, PRN, 1099 employees/independent contractors, volunteers, interns, outside consultants or staffing employees placed by other organizations.



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